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2016-17 AWHL Season Registration

AWHL Registration is OPEN! Get your USA Hockey number now! and register for AWHL at this site

AWHL Player ID Cards

All players are required to have an ID card. Those who  have and ID card from last season may use the same  card. Players will not be allowed on the ice if they do not  have an ID card. Any ID card found to be altered in any  way will be confiscated by the score keeper / referee /  league management and that player will not be able to  play until a new card is obtained.


   Alaska's Focus Photo contact information:

      Phone: 907-245-3686


                  (link Adult Hockey Ids on the left)

Discover Hockey Clinic
9 PM August 29-31st  
3 Great reasons you should sign up for Discover Hockey!!    
   1. Tired of watching your children, play hockey! 
   2. Never skated before, but would like to play hockey!  
   3. It is for women who want to try hockey!


Think about it -- then sign up


2016-2017 AWHL Season Registration

We will be posting the links for registration within the next couple of days.  The team cost is $6,000.  Team representatives must pay %60 of the team cost by 15 August 2016.  The remaining cost will be due in November. 

The Hunter Division Cost is $400/player.  


AWHL Board


Hockey Events Posted

If you are interested in more playing time, check out the Hockey Events postings.  We post upcoming tournaments, jamborees, and clinics and other events that interest our members. 

If you have something to post, please send it to our email address

See you on the ice..

Team Payments

This title link will take you to a page that you can pay online but note that there will be a 3.5% charge + $1.50 on what you charge.