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The Anchorage Women's Hockey League is bringing back 3 DIVISIONS this season to give more women of ALL skill levels the opportunity to play the world's greatest sport!

  • HUNTER Recreational/Development
    These teams are ideal for brand-new players all the way to advanced players who want to play a recreational style of hockey.  This season,  AWHL will be organizing 4 teams.  Spots are first come, first serve - so get registered!  Season fee is $400. 

  • FORAKER Competitive/Intermediate-Advanced
    Currently, all Foraker players come to the league on self-organized teams.  While there is no open registration for this level, there are usually teams that end up needing a few players.  If you're interested in finding a Foraker team, click here to fill out a quick inquiry form.  Because there's no guarantee you'll find a spot at this level, consider registering for HUNTER or DENALI.

  • DENALI Competitive/Advanced
    AWHL is rebuilding this level by organizing 2 NEW Denali Teams.  This is in addition to the returning self-organized teams.  Denali is where you want to be if you the chops and desire to play at a very fast and highly competitive pace.  Season fee $400 for players registering with league-managed teams. 

Find out More....

Visit the FAQ's page for details on the league!

More Hockey?

If you are interested in more playing time, check out the Hockey Events postings to get information on upcoming tournaments, jamborees, and clinics.

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Don't forget your id cards

  • All players are required to have an ID card.
  • Those who have an ID card from last season may use the same card.
  • Players will not be allowed on the ice if they do not have an ID card.
  • Any ID card found to be altered in any way will be confiscated by the score keeper / referee /  league management and that player will not be able to play until a new card is obtained.

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Phone: 907-245-3686

Anchorage Women's Hockey League, PO Box 91887, Anchorage, AK 99509