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Registration FAQs & Forms


If you're joining a LEAGUE formed team in Denali or Hunter as an individual you can...

SAVE  $ by signing up by September 15!

$375 for Skaters * $187.50 Goalies

After August 16:   $400 for Skaters * $200 for Goalies

**League formed teams are filled first-come first-served  so sign up now to guarantee a spot. **

If you are part of a self-forming team,  you'll register online with USA Hockey and AWHL. Your Team Rep will collect your fees to turn over to the league.

WANT to play on MORE than ONE TEAM???

If you want to skate on a SECOND team that is organized by the league in Hunter (rec) or Denali (highly competitive)* you'll have the opportunity to add that on during registration at a 30% discount off the pre-season price  which comes to under $263  for the season!  

The idea here is to help rebuild the league's rec and upper competitive divisions with AWHL skaters who are willing to mentor or are looking for more of a challenge or are just wanting even more ice time.  Fees are discounted, in part, to take into consideration that there may be occasional schedule conflicts between teams.

*Currently, there are no league-operated teams in Foraker.

Pro Tips for a Quick Registration

Before diving into the AWHL registration form,  there are a few prep steps that will make the process go quickly!


ALL adult hockey players and coaches are required to register with USA Hockey for the 2019-20 season.  USAH annual membership is $46 (+ $9 Alaska affiliate fee) and includes some basic injury insurance coverage and other benefits.    

If you have already registered with USAH for the NEW season, copy your 14 character code and prepare to paste it.

*Some members have been getting an 'invalid data' error message after entering their new USAH code.  We are trying to get to the bottom of this.  Some have managed to eventually get beyond this by refreshing their browser or quitting their browser and relaunching it.   Last, but not least, some have finally had success by just giving it time - maybe 12 hours or so.  Technology!  email us if this happens to you:

SIGN UP or Get ready to SIGN IN with SPORTS ENGINE

AWHL uses Sports Engine to manage registration, scheduling and communication.  There's a very handy app that helps you track your games.  If you've skated  with us in recent years, you've got an account.   Head to the link above to create a new account or retrieve forgotten sign in info.  

Have your Credit Card Ready to Run

All players signing up as individuals for LEAGUE formed teams can use their major credit cards to checkout.   If you're signing up for a SECOND LEAGUE formed team use this discount code:


No online payment is collected for: 

•Goalies who are signing up ONLY as SUBSTITUTES 
•Players who are members of self-forming teams.  Your TEAM REP will collect your fees directly.

Got Your Player Card?

  • All players are required to have an Alaska State Hockey ID card to play
  • Cards are good from season to season
  • To get your first card or replace a lost one, call:

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