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Anchorage Women’s Hockey League
Covid Mitigation Plan
Updated (9/6/2021)

The Anchorage Women’s Hockey League (AWHL) has created a Covid Mitigation Plan to help us get back on the ice as our community works to recover from Covid-19. We recognize COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death and there is an inherent risk of exposure in any public place. As such, AWHL has adopted procedures and protocols to limit exposure and allow for the safest hockey experience as possible for our players, their families, our hockey family, and our community.

The Alaska State Hockey Association requires its member organizations to have a Covid mitigation plan. AWHL has based its plan on CDC guidance, government mandates or advisories, and the best practices from other hockey associations. Please note this plan will change periodically due to updates in CDC guidance, mandates, or other state or local health requirements. AWHL will keep the most current Covid Mitigation Plan on its website at  We have included live links in the online plan to take you to direct sources for more information.



● All members must agree to follow all CDC, state, and local COVID-19 guidelines and/or mandates, including any additional requirements found in AWHL’s Covid Mitigation Plan to take part in AWHL activities.

● All members must agree to a COVID-19 Waiver of Liability to register for the 2021-22 AWHL Season.

● All members should be familiar with the symptoms of COVID-19.


● Members should not come to any AWHL activity if they have any of the following symptoms: Fever or chills, cough shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.

● Members should not come to any AWHL activity if they suspect they may have Covid, they have been diagnosed with Covid or if they have a close contact (link to CDC)  who suspects or has been diagnosed with Covid.

● Impacted members must follow CDC guidance in determining whether they need to quarantine or isolate and for how long before returning to any AWHL activity.

● Due to the current rapid spread of the Delta Variant, In accordance with CDC guidance, everyone - regardless of their vaccination status - is advised to wear a mask when participating in any indoor activity in a public place. Until this guidance changes, all AWHL members need to mask up for games (See Game Play for masking details and exceptions.)


● Members agree to NOTIFY AWHL IMMEDIATELY through its COVID IMPACT link on the AWHL website if they suspect, have been diagnosed, or are exposed to a close contact who has symptoms or a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 IF they have participated in an AWHL activity within 1 week of being affected.

● Designated AWHL Board volunteers will oversee this notification process and will not reveal the identity of a Covid impacted member to any other AWHL participants.

● an email notification will be made to all players who had contact with an impacted member. The notification will let members know when and where the contact occurred and will provide links to CDC resources to help members determine what appropriate action they need to take.

● AWHL will notify the REF association and the facility of the date(s) the Covid impacted player was in contact with others. AWHL is also obligated to report positive cases to the Alaska State Hockey Association.

● AWHL will provide names and contact numbers of all people who were in contact with the impacted play if requested by government authorized contact tracers.

● Team Reps are required to accurately and legibly record the names of all players on their roster at a game, including any substitutes. The HOME Team Rep should take a picture of the WHITE score sheet and email the photo to: The HOME Rep should keep all WHITE scoresheets with their Rep Notebook until a board member collects them.

● Depending on the circumstances, AWHL may require specific teams to remain off the ice for a period of time.


● When there is a substantial or high risk of spread in our community as defined by the CDC, masks will be worn as per CDC guidelines

● Players are strongly encouraged to avoid unnecessary contact with other players on the ice.

● Social distancing of 6 feet or more is encouraged at all times off-ice, including spectator stands or other places around the rink.

● All players should bring their own water bottle with their name clearly marked.

● Players and coaches will stand on the blue line and tap their sticks towards the other team instead of removing gloves to shake hands after a game.

● Members are encouraged to limit their use of rink restrooms.● AWHL asks teams to temporarily eliminate post-game snacks and beverages.

2021-22 AWHL COVID-19 Waiver of Liability

In consideration of being permitted to compete, coach, volunteer or participate in the Anchorage Women’s Hockey League (AWHL) during the 2021-2022 season I agree to the following:

  • I have thoroughly read and agree to follow AWHL’s Covid-19 Mitigation Plan at

  • I acknowledge that by participating in any AWHL event there are inherent risks of being exposed to COVID-19, and/or any mutation or variation thereof, and I am also aware that such an exposure can occur directly or indirectly.

  • I agree NOT to participate in any AWHL activities if current CDC guidance requires me to quarantine or isolate if I, or any people I have close contact with, have clinical symptoms  of Covid 19, or have been diagnosed with Covid 19. 

  • I agree to immediately notify AWHL if I or anyone I have close contact with has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  I understand this notification requirement is critical to limit the spread of the virus within our league and community.

  • I understand I will be notified, using the contact information that I have submitted in this registration, if any AWHL participant I have been in contact with is suspected to have or tests positive for COVID-19.

  • I agree that AWHL may share my contact information with health authorities if officially requested for purposes of contact tracing.

  • By signing this Waiver of Liability, I ASSUME ALL RISKS regarding the possibility of contracting the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, or any mutation or variation thereof.

  • I hereby voluntarily agree to RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, and COVENANT NOT TO SUE AWHL or Friends of AWHL and/or its officers, directors, and employees; the Alaska State Hockey Association; and any individuals, companies, or associations having anything to do with AWHL operations, including but not limited to participants, officials, and owners of the premises where AWHL operates on or off ice activities (collectively referred to as “RELEASEES”.) By signing this document, RELEASEES WILL BE RELEASED FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY for any and all loss or damage whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise related to possible exposure to or contracting of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 or any mutation or variation thereof; and

  • I hereby agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the Releasees from any loss, liability, damage, or cost (including reasonable attorney’s fees) they may incur arising out of or related to my illness or death, or the illness or death of my children, family, or immediate household, including the actual participant(s) in AWHL activities whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise.

Any of the above may be changed as seen fit by AWHL, with or without notice, to promote a safer environment. Failure to abide by any of the above will result in expulsion from AWHL for the 2021-2022 hockey season with loss of fees.